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City of Orlando and Orange County Sidewalk Projects
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Safety On Our Roadways

Our company offers a variety of services that help maintain the safety of our roadways. We enjoy making the roads a better place to travel, and we know just how important this service is for the community. Being responsible for such a huge task demands the right amount of expertise and training. This is where JL Wilson and team come in and can be the key to making any road better to travel on. You can count on us for any roadwork that you need to have done. With our extremely fast service, JL Wilson Concrete can help when there's an emergency situation. From private to government roads, JL Wilson ensures that whatever the problem may be, you can count on us to fix it.

When you take time out of your busy day to contact us, we will be happy to look at the roadwork that must be done and provide you with an estimated cost for the job. This is what we do best and the exact reason that we’re one of the most reputable and well-trusted companies in this business. Be sure to give us a call today and let us take the worry off of you when it comes to any roadwork that must be done for safer travels today!

Slab Work

One of the things you will need when you’re building a home or working on a construction site for a school or buisiness is a concrete slab. A concrete slab makes a foundation extremely stable and doing it the correct way is imperitive. Our company knows the importance of getting this job done not only quickly but accurately in order to meet job deadlines. We have a team of expert professionals in the field and we are proud to say we’re licensed and bonded to give you an additional peace of mind during your project.

Slab Work

Benefits of a concrete slab

As a home or business owner, you will want your structure to stand the test of time. By making sure the concrete is level and has the proper thinkness for the building type is key. This is why you should only rely on a team of professionals in the filed like us that have the necessary training to get the job done for you properly.

Listed below are just a few of the benefits of having a concrete slab:

  • Stability

    Using a concrete slab foundation for your home will allow for much better stability and peace of mind for the future. Having a concrete slab reduces noise and can provide a much cooler floor in the summer time.

  • Reduce pest problems

    The last thing anyone wants to have is insects, rodents, and other pests enter your home or business. Having a concrete slab and not having a crawl space is extremely important for this purpose. Not only does it reduce the risk of potential invaders but having crawspace can put you at a higher risk for burglery.

  • Rot and termite resistant

    Having a concrete slab reduces the chance for wood rot or termite infestation. If a pipe happens to burst or toilet were to overflow, the slab wouldn't be affected. Since it’s made of concrete, you don’t ever have to worry about it rotting out and your floor caving in. Termites live close to the ground and like warm wooden crevices, avoiding having wood close to the ground has been proven to reduce the risk of an infestation.

  • Affordable

    We know that your money is hard earned and we do our best to make your project as affordable as possible while allowing you to get the results you want and need.

There are many benefits of choosing a concrete slab for your project and you’ll be glad you did once you have the building fully constructed. This is the one thing that can’t be changed, so you will need to make this decision early on before your project.

The key to getting a concrete slab foundation done properly is dependant on hiring the right professionals. This is where JL Wilson Concrete can put your mind at ease and help you get the job done correctly and in a timely manner. We know the rules and regulations that need to be met and what it takes to comply with the building codes in your area. Give us a call today and let us assist you with any concrete slab foundation you need today!

Apartment Complexes

We are proud to be part of projects where we can work to provide new apartment complexes for our community.

Apartment Complexes

Expanding Communities

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    Other concrete services.

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